Five Hats of Recruitment

CGI Franchise Outlines the Five Hats of Recruitment

Which hat do you wear?

CGI Franchise (CGIF), a franchise development company, developed the Recruitment Operating System® (ROS®). CGIF believes implementing an Executive Sponsor, Manager, Recruiter, Coordinator, and Appointment Setters is the first stepping stone to achieving better success rates in recruitment. Each role has different responsibilities; therefore, it is essential to clearly define each role’s duties and educate your team on these responsibilities. With a two-person team or a ten-person team, having these five roles outlined and implemented is essential to the growth and development of your franchise.

The Executive Sponsor role with ROS® is often known as the CEO, COO, President, or Founder in the franchising world. This position’s primary responsibility is to ensure the recruitment team gets the results needed to reach their goals for the year. The Executive Sponsor is necessary for the recruitment team because they provide their team with all the resources required to succeed. The Executive Sponsor is looking ahead and planning

out the next 12-18 months or longer.

The ROS® Manager is comparable to the Vice President of Development or Chief Development Officer in the franchise world. The ROS® Manager leads the day-to-day recruitment operations and continually monitors their team’s 60 -90-day goals. It is the responsibility of the ROS® Manager to coach their team to help ensure their signing target is met every month and check to

make sure all franchise agreements are signed. ROS® Managers should oversee and manage every aspect of the recruitment team, including interactions with candidates, hosting Discovery Day, monitoring metrics, and ensuring the team is well trained. The Executive Sponsor may have the 50,000-foot view, whereas the ROS® Manager sees things from the 10,000-foot perspective. The Executive Sponsor will help get the resources, while the ROS® Manager ensures the team uses the resources effectively and close deals.

The Recruiter is often known as the Franchise Development Director in the franchise world. The Recruiter moves the candidates through the eight-step process of the ROS®. This person manages their pipeline for each candidate and inserts others (ROS® Manager or Executive Sponsor) in the process if they think the candidate will benefit from it. The Recruiter wears many hats while on the eight-step journey with a candidate.

The ROS® Coordinator is similar to the ROS® Manager and is generally very hands-on in every aspect of the recruiting process. The ROS® Coordinator is considered the heartbeat of the recruitment team and plays a vital role. They are engrained with multiple pieces of the process and involved with numerous people. Without the Coordinator, the recruitment team will

struggle to run smoothly. The most efficient Coordinators are the right hand to the Executive Sponsor and ROS® Manager. They look over every agreement, manage the team’s functionality, understand all aspects of and help host Discovery Day, prepare candidates, and take care of all the technology. Depending on the size of the group, the ROS® Coordinator

might also manage the revenue from the department and schedule weekly team meetings.

The Appointment Setter is the person who makes sure that the recruiters are getting Step 1 calls with candidates. This person has the first interaction with a potential candidate. In the franchise world, the Recruiter and the Appointment Setter may be the same person; however, it is a ROS® philosophy they should be different due to time constraints on each role. Separating the positions is not only in the best interest of the candidate but also the Recruiter. Teams who only have the Recruiter tend to run into the problem of having unprepared candidates because the Recruiter does not have enough time. If you have a company that doesn’t have enough Step 1’s to have a dedicated Appointment Setter, it is considered best practice to combine the Coordinator and the Appointment Setter.

Although it’s better to employ these roles in-house, you can outsource some of them if your team is not big enough. The most common outsourced positions are the Recruiter and the Appointment Setter. Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot outsource other roles. A CGIF Brand Partner, Darin Hicks, is a perfect example of this as he holds an Executive Sponsor role for a couple of the CGIF Brand Partners.

As a CGIF Brand Partner, you will receive support, coaching, and a mentor for each role. The support includes huddles, training, workshops, community support, and much more. CGIF provides each position with a game plan and a roadmap to success. It should not be hard to have a winning recruitment program. ROS® offers the right tools, resources, and support to help you and your brand WIN every day. If you’re interested in knowing more about the five hats or how to take your recruitment to the next level, visit the CGIF website at