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Gideon Math & Reading Center – A Success Story

If you had told Stephanie Coppedge her family business, Gideon Math & Reading Center, would not only survive the 2020 pandemic but thrive, she probably would have shed a few tears of amazement. 2020 practically closed the brand down, but in 2022 they’ve helped more kids than ever before. Gideon is the definition of a […]

5 Simple Mistakes Franchise Recruiters Make

We have learned a ton as a business by conducting mystery shops. For years, we have reached out as an interested candidate and documented how the franchise development salesperson (recruiter) handles the process for hundreds of brands. I wanted to share 5 simple mistakes (and solutions) we see that get in the way of more […]

How To Engage Like a Pro

How To Engage Like a Pro Learned From the Best Managers Using ROS® Results show that when managers engage with candidates sooner in the process more signings happen. Period! Does the franchise recruiter “own” the candidate and process? Sure. Does that mean managers should be behind the scenes? No! Take a second and compare this […]

Engage with Candidates, Close More Deals!

It’s no secret candidates who are engaged in your recruitment process are more likely to continue and sign a franchise agreement. Hard data and statistics prove this. We also know that common sense tells us it’s true. For franchise recruitment teams specifically, managers who properly and strategically engage with potential new franchisees sooner and more often […]


The 700+ unit franchisor implements the Recruitment Operating System® to take their recruitment to new heights.

2021 Step 1:Step 8 Ratios Reach Record Levels for Franchise Companies Using the Recruitment Operating System®

Want to know if something is working or not? Look at the numbers and outcomes. The ROS® Support Team at CGI Franchise pulls metrics and analyzes the data weekly to help brand partners identify gaps and opportunities. Over Q3 and Q4 in 2021, the team kept seeing solid signs in community metrics. As 2021 wrapped […]