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Use a Franchise Budget to Win the Recruitment Game

CGI Franchise CEO Art Coley and Urban Air Chief Franchise Officer Josh Wall are experts in the field of franchise recruitment, having guided the development and growth of successful franchise businesses for decades. They recently joined forces to share their expertise on the often-overlooked opportunity to deliver franchise growth by budgeting for recruitment success.

Why Do I Need a Franchise Development Budget?

We’re coming upon the end of the year. We know that trying to fit everything in before holiday vacation can seem like a whirlwind. When you’re in that kind of time crunch, it’s easy for budgeting to fall lower on the priority list. It’s easy to overlook how vital a recruitment budget is because budget maintenance isn’t appealing. So much creativity and innovation go into franchise development; budget planning can easily be pushed aside amid everything else.

Making the Grade: How Good is Your Recruitment Team?

If your recruitment team is achieving a 14 percent or better ratio on kept initial (“Step 1”) calls to signings, you have an advanced process and team. Congratulations! If your team has a lower grade, then you have a decision to make: Is it acceptable, or are you doing something about it?

Jeff Sturgis Joins CGI Franchise

CGI Franchise, a leading franchise development solutions firm, is pleased to announce that franchise executive Jeff Sturgis has joined their team as an ROSᵀᴹ Coach. 

Why Do I Need a Franchise Development Process?

Whether we know it or not, our lives are often governed by process. Many of the processes we follow feel innate because we acquire them over time, much like we acquire our native language. And just like language, the processes we follow are key to many of our successes, big and small.

Urban Air Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise

Urban Air, the premier indoor family entertainment company, has become a Brand Partner of CGI Franchise. Art Coley, CEO of CGI Franchise states, “Urban Air is a great franchise. They have been ranked the #1 Adventure Park Franchise in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine. They have seen amazing growth over the past few years and […]

CGI Franchise Launches a New Website

CGI Franchise is proud to announce the launch of its redesigned website at CGIF partnered with Morether Creative Agency in the refreshing endeavor of updating their website and marketing efforts. This new site demonstrates how CGIF leverages 50+ years of combined franchise development experience to build the Recruitment Operating System®.