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2021 Step 1:Step 8 Ratios Reach Record Levels for Franchise Companies Using the Recruitment Operating System®

Want to know if something is working or not? Look at the numbers and outcomes. The ROS® Support Team at CGI Franchise pulls metrics and analyzes the data weekly to help brand partners identify gaps and opportunities. Over Q3 and Q4 in 2021, the team kept seeing solid signs in community metrics. As 2021 wrapped up, the numbers showed an all-time high for the franchise brands within the ROS® Community.

The Step 1(S1) to Step 8(S8) ratio reached 8.2% compared to the franchise industries 1-3%. This means that, on average, out of every 12 leads that came in, a brand added a new franchisee to their system. This is 2-5 times better than the industry! If you’re unfamiliar with the meaning of S1:S8, it’s the Recruitment Operating System’s® 8- Step Process. The 8-Step Process is a framework a recruiter uses to move the candidate further along the pipeline. Following the process allows candidates to fully discover a brand before signing the franchise agreement. 

Kelley Copelin, President of CGI Franchise, stated, “The Recruitment Operating System® works if you let it. We consistently see higher ratios than the industry, and we often have brands closing higher than 8%, but it’s not always the case with an entire community. We’re working with large brands like Pillar To Post with 8+ folks on their recruitment team and Urban Air Adventure Parks, who sign and open 50+ parks a year, mixed in with brands that are gearing up and establishing themselves like Gideon Math and Reading and City2Shore. That’s how we know our system works.”

CGI Franchise has spent years honing their process and looking at data to ensure their Brand Partners get the results they want in order to reach their goals. With ROS®, we can dig into numbers further than the industry. We don’t just look at Lead to Signing; we look at all the phases of the Discovery Process. Most of the brands in the industry have a great business model, but it takes a proven process to get sustainable results instead of having inconsistent results year after year.

Kayla Dornon, Director of Learning and Education at CGI Franchise, stated, “I came from an education background where data was our world. I appreciate the brands we work with because they collect the data, and then I can use that to steer our focus. We’ve seen a direct correlation between our support and training focuses and the results.”

If you’re part of a Franchise Recruitment Team and wonder how your team stacks up compared to ROS® Community, reach out to us, and we can schedule a session to look at your numbers. If you don’t have the data and metrics, we can help you gather that over some time to compare.

Art Coley, Founder and CEO of CGI Franchise, stated, “My mission is to help other franchisors realize the results. The better the process, the better experience for the candidates, and ultimately, we all help people own their own small business. The ROS® Community had amazing results in 2021, and we’re only going up from here!” The ROS® Community includes 14 brands and a support team with a combined total of 75+ years in the franchise industry. CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises by providing a repeatable, sustainable, and proven franchise development process. The Recruitment Operating System® delivers the technology, training, and coaching you need to improve your franchise development efforts. For more information on how you can WIN at recruitment, please visit http://www.cgifranchise.local.