The 700+ unit franchisor implements the Recruitment Operating System® to take their recruitment to new heights.

Temple, TX – Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA)- North America, one of the world’s leading consulting groups for cost management, has become a brand partner of CGI Franchise and the Recruitment Operating System®(ROS®).

Expense Reduction Analysts are familiar with processes. They have implemented their processes to help thousands of businesses optimize savings through controlling costs. Over the past years, however, they hit a plateau with their recruitment. The ERA team was focusing on personality-driven recruitment rather than a sustainable process.

Charlie Smith, CEO of ERA North America, said, “We are so excited to be part of the CGI Franchise (CGIF) community as a brand partner! We are in the business of creating cash for companies that need the money for growth initiatives, a better EBITDA, and for saving jobs in difficult times. We are excited to be working with CGIF to help us transition from “Hero Ball” recruiting, which is based on recruiter personalities, to a consistent, scalable, and repeatable process.”

ROS®, powered by CGI Franchise, stems from 100+ years of experience in the franchise industry. By implementing ROS®, Expense Reduction Analysts will learn to integrate and follow the proven ROS® processes, receive support to identify gaps, and manage performance and sustainability. They will also have access to coaching, ongoing training, detailed metric reports, executive reviews, and an arsenal of tools to set them up for success.

CEO of CGI Franchise, Art Coley, stated, “I’ve known Charlie for a long time. We caught up a few months ago, and he expressed that ERA’s recruitment felt out of control. After meeting with Charlie and his team, we knew ROS® was a perfect fit. We’re all about the value of a process, measuring performance, and getting better and better. We’re fired up to work with the ERA team.”

Expense Reduction Analysts is one of the world’s leading cost management consultancy organizations, specializing in overhead cost optimization and supply management. For over 25 years, their franchisees have enabled businesses to improve profit and gain a more significant financial scope by reducing business expenditure. They currently have over 700 units operating in over 35 countries worldwide. For more information, visit their website at https://us.expensereduction.com/.