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Young recruiter scheduling a franchisee candidate on her computer.

Funnel Vision: Is Your Top-of-Funnel Ratio Top of Mind?

Elevate Franchise Recruitment with Mystery Shopping. Uncover recruiter strengths, enhance training, and drive growth. Learn more!

A group of Recruitment Managers and Executives.

Recruitment Excellence

Unveil the traits of exceptional recruitment managers and leaders in the franchise industry. Discover what sets masters apart from the rest.

Magnet attracting leads.

Busting 2 Lead Gen Myths 

If you think you’re off track on lead generation, read these two lead gen myths. If they hit home or sound familiar, take a deeper look.

2023 Is (Almost) Here and Things Are Different in Franchise Recruitment!

Navigate 2023 with franchise insights: conversions, HR strength, tech efficiency, outbound leads. Let’s thrive!

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5 Simple Mistakes Franchise Recruiters Make

We’re sharing 5 simple mistakes (and solutions) we see that get in the way of more closings and high-quality franchisees.

Engage with Candidates, Close More Deals!

Candidates who are engaged in your recruitment process are more likely to sign a franchise agreement. How can you engage to close more deals?

Don’t Fall for These 2 Myths Killing Franchise Recruitment

There are two myths in franchise recruiting that need to be discredited. Myth #1: “None of these leads has money! They’re not financially qualified.” Myth #2: “It’s not the right time to open a business.” As a franchise executive or recruitment leader, if you are hearing versions of these myths from your recruitment team, you have a […]