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CGI Franchise press releases and news updates.

Children’s Lighthouse Joins the ROS® Community as the Newest Brand Partner of CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – Children’s Lighthouse, leading educational daycare for children, has signed on as the 14th Brand Partner of CGI Franchise. Children’s Lighthouse provides a premium educational experience for children six weeks to twelve years of age. They’ve created their curriculum with a significant focus on academics. In addition, they work on character building and […]

Five Hats of Recruitment

CGI Franchise Outlines the Five Hats of Recruitment Which hat do you wear? CGI Franchise (CGIF), a franchise development company, developed the Recruitment Operating System® (ROS®). CGIF believes implementing an Executive Sponsor, Manager, Recruiter, Coordinator, and Appointment Setters is the first stepping stone to achieving better success rates in recruitment. Each role has different responsibilities; […]

Kayla Dornon Joins the CGI Franchise Team to Take Their Learning and Education Department to The Next Level

Temple, TX – CGI Franchise, a leading franchise development firm, is pleased to announce our Director of Learning and Education, Kayla Dornon.

CGI Franchise Hires a Lead Generation Expert to help Brand Partners Level Up Their Recruitment

Temple, TX – CGI Franchise is pleased to announce that Jordan Valentin has joined the team as the Lead Generation Coordinator to help increase lead flow for the Brand Partners.

Art Coley and Mike Weinberg Partner Together for a First in Franchising

Award winning author, Mike Weinberg, and Art Coley have partnered together to create a twist on the New York Times Best Seller, Sales Management. Simplified. Temple, TX – CGI Franchise has spent years creating a sustainable and proven process called the Recruitment Operating System®, also known as ROS®. They have spent countless hours creating training programs […]

Franchise companies using ROS® in 2020 did more than 500% better with recruitment than the franchise industry

Temple, TX – Over the past year, there has been a lot of change happening around the world and when you have a multitude of change, you have to adapt. CGI Franchise and Brand Partners did just that.

Nautical Boat Club Becomes the 13th Brand Partner of CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – Nautical Boat Club, pioneers of the boat club industry, took a leap of faith and joined CGI Franchise as their newest Brand Partner to level up their recruitment.