Art Coley and Mike Weinberg Partner Together for a First in Franchising

Award winning author, Mike Weinberg, and Art Coley have partnered together to create a twist on the New York Times Best Seller, Sales Management. Simplified.

Temple, TX – CGI Franchise has spent years creating a sustainable and proven process called the Recruitment Operating System®, also known as ROS®. They have spent countless hours creating training programs to help their brand partners with more accurate forecasting and predictability, better quality candidates in their pipeline, and help them transform the spirit of their brand.

Since the CGI Franchise team is so fanatical about recruitment, they’ll go to any height to help their brand partners succeed. CEO Art Coley and New York Times Best Selling author, Mike Weinberg have partnered together to take a twist on Sales Management. Simplified. to create ROS® Management. Simplified.

CGI Franchise’s Sr. Director of ROS® Support, Kelley Copelin, stated, “This is not only a huge step for CGI Franchise as a company but more importantly for our Brand Partners. We are always trying to find ways to add value and help the brands we work with succeed. This program will offer a hard-hitting, no-nonsense outline of ROS® and sales management in its simplest form.”

In Sales Management. Simplified., Mike Weinberg touches on creating a healthy, high-performance sales culture, increasing accountability without being a hostage to your CRM, putting the right people in the right roles, and much more. The combination of Weinberg’s award-winning book and the Recruitment Operating System®, this course will put its participants on the road to success by giving a huge stepping stone in becoming a certified ROS® Manager.

CEO, Art Coley states, “Mike Weinberg is a sales genius, and for him to help us create a foundation for what types of programs we can offer to our Brand Partners is huge. Being able to implement that into the teachings of ROS® is something that we have been missing to make our system go from good to great.”

Starting June 17th, 2021, Mike Weinberg and CGI Franchise will start on their 22-week journey of ROS® Management. Simplified. CGI Franchise has spent years perfecting and honing in on what will bring their brands from good to great. This is an important building block that will take CGI Franchise’s Brand Partners to the next level in the franchise industry. 

Mike Weinberg has spent 30+ years in the sales industry. He is a New York Times Best Selling Author, consultant, speaker, and his award-winning book, Sales Management. Simplified., has shaken up the sales world. He strives to help companies, sales teams, and individual salespeople win at Sales, and his specialties are new business development and sales management.

Art Coley leads CGI Franchise with 20+ years in the franchise industry. CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises by coming alongside and providing a sustainable, proven franchise development system. Offering a combined 50 years of franchise recruitment experience, CGI Franchise and ROS® provide the technology, training, and coaching you need to strengthen your franchise development. For more information on how you can win at recruitment, please visit