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5 Critical Metrics for Franchise Recruitment & Development During Covid-19

Gather two groups of recruitment numbers: one set for YTD, and the other since Friday, March 13th, the date recruitment numbers and metrics started to shift rapidly.Any changes in resource allocation, strategy, staff, marketing, messaging, etc. should be made for only one outcome: improving these 5 critical metrics. If you don’t start here, you’ll be recruiting in the blind, and that means wasted time, money, and energy.

6 Simple, Effective Ways To Manage Franchise Recruitment Now

In the U.S. it started the week of March 9th. By Friday, the 13th, the landscape had completely changed for all of us. Now, all these many weeks later, there is still a lot of uncertainty. However, we now know more about the impact over the past 30 days, which should provide more clarity on decisions moving forward into the next 30. Therefore, when it comes to your franchise recruitment, we are preaching: Make time to reevaluate and assess franchise recruitment every 30 days.

Franchise Recruitment and Coronavirus: “What Should I Do Now?”

Individuals are not getting on planes to come visit you. That is the current reality, and will be for many more weeks to come. So how do you get started creating and implementing a virtual discovery day? Communicate – get it out there First, communicate! Use your internal database of leads, brokers, your website, press […]

Gideon Math & Reading Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – Gideon Math & Reading, a quality, and affordable math and reading company has become a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise.


DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, a professional bath and kitchen remodeling company, has become a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise.


How well are you training your franchise recruitment team?

If you’re like most CEOs and CDOs tasked with operating and growing a franchise brand, the pressure to wisely allocate precious resources for franchisee recruitment is enormous.

The challenge is to juggle limited budgets and high expectations—knowing your choices will directly affect the franchise’s bottom line.

If you could peer into a crystal ball to foresee what decisions will most positively affect recruitment results, wouldn’t you take a look?

Keyrenter Property Management Logo.

KeyRenter Property Management becomes new Brand Partner of CGI Franchise

Keyrenter, the industry leader in the U.S. for real estate investments and property management, has become a Brand Partner of CGI Franchise.