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5 Critical Metrics for Franchise Recruitment & Development During Covid-19

Gather two groups of recruitment numbers: one set for YTD, and the other since Friday, March 13th, the date recruitment numbers, and metrics started to shift rapidly.

  1. How many leads have you received?
  2. How many leads kept a scheduled call or meeting with a recruiter?
  3. How many completed an application or questionnaire?
  4. How many attended a discovery day or “Get to Know Your Brand” event, either in person or virtually?
  5. What is the total number of individuals who signed an agreement for these two periods?

Next, run the numbers and see how they are flowing down for each period. What is this telling you? How do they compare?

You might be surprised. Some of the brands we work with are seeing a big drop in weekly leads between the two sets of data, but an increase in weekly kept scheduled calls with recruiters. Most recruitment professionals would accept lower weekly lead volume for an increase in weekly kept scheduled calls between new candidates and recruiters!

These data sets and metrics are the unemotional and objective picture of your recruitment. And regardless of how things look, this is where you are. Any changes in resource allocation, strategy, staff, marketing, messaging, etc. should be made for only one outcome: improving these 5 critical metrics. If you don’t start here, you’ll be recruiting in the blind, and that means wasted time, money, and energy.

For a shortcut on determining your metrics, use our online calculator to help you run your numbers.

Let’s go to work!

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