Gideon Math & Reading Becomes a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – Gideon Math & Reading, a quality, and affordable math and reading company has become a Brand Partner with CGI Franchise.

Art Coley, CEO of CGI Franchise states, “Gideon may be small now, but watch out, they’re hungry to grow! From start to finish, they’ve been willing to do what’s needed to build their business. Implementing ROS® at this stage is exactly what Gideon Math & Reading needs in order to take their brand to the next step.”

The Recruitment Operating System®, powered by CGI Franchise, is the result of years evaluating the franchise development process. CGI Franchise offers a solution and roadmap to rediscovering the passion for your brand. As a CGI Franchise Brand Partner, Gideon Math & Reading will be trained and coached to use ROS® and all its benefits.

Stephanie Coppedge, Vice President of Gideon Math & Reading notes, “CGI Franchise has taken the guesswork out of the franchise recruitment process for us. We’re excited to implement ROS® and take on the rest of the year with this great process to increase growth for our brand.”

CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises by coming alongside and providing a sustainable, proven franchise development system. Offering a combined 50 years of franchise recruitment experience, CGI Franchise sets the solution and the road map to rediscovering the passion for your brand.

Gideon Learning Centers provide a top-notch math and reading program designed for all children. Opening their first center in 2004 and moving to the franchise model in 2011, Gideon Math & Reading continues to grow every day. For more information, please visit