How to Nurture Belief for a World-Class Recruitment Team

Recruitment team in front of a computer collaborating.

In this article, we interviewed Miles Bentley, one of our Advisory Board Members. Miles’ wisdom is timeless and applicable to any sized recruitment team.

There is a core difference between brands that build confidence and those that fall flat. 

And it starts with belief.

Instilling belief in your recruitment team can have a profound impact on the success of recruitment efforts. So, how exactly do you inspire belief and create a culture of excellence within an organization? 

People want to know that their work matters, but all too often, no system is in place to tie actions back to results. Without trust in the process, recruiters may rely on instinct and talent, leading to disorder and lack of cohesion. 

You can nurture belief and confidence by focusing on these actionable steps:

  1. Establish the process
  2. Create “bite-size” goals
  3. Check your benchmarks
  4. Expect to inspect

Establish the Process

“When a team doesn’t have a system in place that they follow or trust, they ‘wing it,’ creating disorder and recruiter ‘mavericks’ that rely on instinct and talent to recruit.”

– Miles Bentley

By establishing a well-defined process such as ROS® and clearly outlining what is involved in the recruitment journey, managers can provide their team with a roadmap to success. This not only enhances transparency but also instills a sense of confidence in the process. When managers themselves believe in the effectiveness of the process, it becomes easier to convince others to do the same.

Create “Bite-Sized” Goals

Keep your team from getting overwhelmed by lofty goals. Break larger objectives into manageable, actionable steps. Consider how people approach weight loss. Wanting to lose 50 pounds without a plan to get there will more often than not result in complete failure. Success lies in planning to move more, reduce stress, and focus on quality meals. Give your team an approach that allows them to focus on specific tasks that contribute to overall success. 

Small victories build belief and create positive momentum.

Check Your Benchmarks

Benchmarking against other recruiters or similar organizations is a game-changer. Managers gain valuable insights and context by comparing performance metrics with those of other recruiters or similar organizations. This not only helps set realistic expectations but also highlights areas for improvement. Seeing that their organization is on par or even surpassing industry standards can significantly boost belief among managers and their teams.

Expect to Inspect

“Inspecting actions and outcomes ties them together to demonstrate the impact of one’s efforts.”

Miles Bentley 

Inspecting outcomes is another powerful way to foster belief. By regularly reviewing recruitment outcomes and tying them back to specific actions, managers can demonstrate the direct impact of efforts. Understanding how their actions influenced results reinforces the belief in their ability to make a difference. It also provides insights into what strategies are working and what needs to be adjusted.

Instead of solely relying on lagging indicators, which reflect past performance, managers should pay attention to leading indicators. By monitoring metrics that predict future success, they can proactively manage recruitment efforts and make necessary adjustments along the way. 

This forward-looking mindset keeps belief alive and drives continuous improvement.

You Gotta Believe!

Instilling belief and implementing effective strategies for performance improvement are critical for recruitment managers and organizations. By adopting a process-oriented approach, benchmarking performance, and focusing on actionable steps, managers can develop belief in their ability to drive recruitment success. Regularly inspecting outcomes and correlating them with specific actions reinforces this belief and enables proactive management. 

Ultimately, cultivating belief and a growth mindset will empower managers and organizations to overcome challenges, adapt to changing dynamics, and achieve their recruitment goals.

The Recruitment Operating System® (ROS®) is a proven system to help franchise companies implement and execute a predictable, repeatable, and sustainable franchisee recruitment program.

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