KeyRenter Property Management becomes new Brand Partner of CGI Franchise

Keyrenter, the industry leader in the U.S. for real estate investments and property management, has become a Brand Partner of CGI Franchise.

Art Coley, CEO of CGI Franchise states, “We’re excited to have Keyrenter Property Management onboard. In a short amount of time, they have had a great deal of success. With the help of ROS®, we’ll be able to take their recruitment team to the next level and make this a record year!”

The Recruitment Operating System®, powered by CGI Franchise, offers a recipe and solution for your recruitment. We’ve done the hard work of finding out what works and what doesn’t work in franchise development. As a CGI Franchise Brand Partner, Keyrenter will be trained and coached to build a successful franchise development program.

Aaron Marshall, CEO of Keyrenter Property Management stated, “We have a great brand and are passionate about what we do. With CGI Franchise and the Recruitment Operating System® combined with our own core values, we’ll be able to have sustainable success and a more defined process.”

CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises; coming alongside them, and providing a sustainable, proven franchise development system. Offering a combined 50 years of franchise recruitment experience, CGI Franchise sets the solution and the road map to rediscovering the passion for your brand.