How well are you training your franchise recruitment team?

If you’re like most CEOs and CDOs tasked with operating and growing a franchise brand, the pressure to wisely allocate precious resources for franchisee recruitment is enormous.

The challenge is to juggle limited budgets and high expectations—knowing your choices will directly affect the franchise’s bottom line.

If you could peer into a crystal ball to foresee what decisions will most positively affect recruitment results, wouldn’t you take a look?

Fortunately, you don’t need a crystal ball to visualize the path to recruitment success. The secret is training your team to use a system that will unleash the power of recruitment.

That’s it. Plain and simple.

Surpassing even pie-in-the-sky signing goals is entirely possible with a consistent, proven system. And to get there, we’re not just talking about a line item in your budget that’s allocated to training. It’s also crucial to allocate that most valuable of commodities—time—for the training process.

Sure, it’s painful to sideline your recruiters for a few days of training periodically—after all, they’re your boots on the ground, 24/7, right? Sure, it’ll take a hard look at your budget to find ways to consistently fund training efforts.

But you can take this to the bank—strategically training your team will quickly lead your brand to a dramatic improvement in recruitment numbers.

At CGI Franchise, we’re experts at this. We’ve spent years developing the Recruitment Operating System® (ROS®) offering a proven regimen to inspire recruitment teams to achieve greatness. We’ve weeded out what doesn’t work and perfected what does.

What’s the secret? Our methodical, consistent regimen consists of weekly coaching calls from experts, constantly updated manuals with detailed, step-by-step instructions, and opportunities for you to network and collaborate with other brands and their teams who share your drive to succeed.

And yes, training. We offer classes year-round to ensure your recruitment team is in top shape to grow your franchise.

“We work with our Brand Partners to create realistic maps to ROI improvement,” says Kelley Rieves, Director of ROS® Coaching for CGIF. “A well-developed training program will inspire your team to quickly achieve your recruitment goals. We take the stress out of the equation and guide you every step of the way.”

Investment in CGIF’s ROS® pays off for our clients over and over again. Let us show you how.

Crystal ball not included.

The Training Investment

What’s in it for your team?

Build trust. Team members who recognize you have confidence in them are motivated to live up to your high expectations.

Save time. Give your team finely tuned strategies to help them leap-frog over frustrating, time-consuming hurdles in the franchise recruitment process.

Help them worry less. Training lets them know you’re available. Listen to your team and encourage outside-the-box solutions to problems you might not even know exist.

What’s in it for you?

Reduce recruitment costs. Nimble recruiters take less time to sign a successful franchisee.

Retain highly skilled recruiters. Show top-performing employees that you value their expertise. They will recognize that sticking with you allows them to develop their skill set—a real win-win for you both.

Bring new team members up to speed quickly. With resources allocated to training, hiring and equipping new staff is a breeze.

Boost profit. A more efficient franchise recruitment process is a more profitable process. And a well-trained team is a less-expensive team—needing less oversight.

Build your reputation. Yours is a company that invests in state-of-the-art training, providing your recruiters with a reliable path to repeatable, goal-smashing results.

Foresee the future. A dependable franchise recruitment system, based on consistent training, allows predictable tracking of metrics and ratios—reliably forecasting your company’s future growth.

How do we train our Brand Partner’s at CGI Franchise? Take a look at our class schedule to find out!

If training such as the type CGI Franchise provides gets you excited about your brand, make an appointment today to talk about growing your franchise with a proven, sustainable recruitment system.