Nautical Boat Club Becomes the 13th Brand Partner of CGI Franchise

Temple, TX – Nautical Boat Club, pioneers of the boat club industry, took a leap of faith and joined CGI Franchise as their newest Brand Partner to level up their recruitment.

Art Coley, CEO of CGI Franchise states, “We are super excited about Nautical Boat Club being our first brand partner in 2021. They have a great business model, a passionate team, and the commitment to recruit the right franchisees to take their brand to the next level.”

The Recruitment Operating System®, powered by CGI Franchise, is the result of 50+ years in the franchise industry. CGI Franchise offers a solution and roadmap to rediscovering the passion for your brand as well as finding quality candidates to take your brand straight to the top. As a CGI Franchise Brand Partner, Nautical Boat Club will be able to seek the quality franchisees they have been looking for, be coached to utilize ROS® effectively, hone in on their metrics and reap the benefits of what ROS® and the CGIF Team have to offer.

Tom Gardiner, CEO states, “Our team at Nautical Boat Club is committed to growing our brand presence and a strong recruitment team. We believe Art, his team, and ROS® are the keys to making Nautical Boat Club the best in our industry. We’ve been with CGI Franchise less than a month and have already seen why their Brand Partners have had so much success with their recruitment.” 

CGI Franchise specializes in growing and strengthening franchises by coming alongside and providing a sustainable, proven franchise development system. Offering a combined 50 years of franchise recruitment experience, CGI Franchise and ROS® provide the technology, training, and coaching you need to strengthen your franchise development. For more information, please visit

Nautical Boat Club has become the Country Club of boating and now has 20 units. In business for over 20 years, Nautical Boat Club®, LLC, has figured out how to bring their members all of the fun of the boating lifestyle without the high cost and stress of boat ownership. For more information, please visit