Use Repeatable Processes in your Recruiting Practices

We consistently see franchise brands failing to meet set recruitment goals for a number of reasons. They may have certain pieces of their recruitment system locked in and functioning well, while other, equally important aspects aren’t being given enough attention.

One brand may be the best at getting potential franchisees to raise their hand and express interest, but they aren’t skilled enough in the conversion of those leads. Another brand may have a high conversion, but they don’t know how to get candidates in the door. Whatever the specific reason, it all falls under the umbrella of an even more fatal flaw: lacking a structured, repeatable process for recruitment.

Most franchise brands are looking to consistently and economically bring 15 to 25 new individuals into their system annually. We know that many of them are signing fewer than five to ten agreements per year. And usually, those years with ten signings can be traced back to a little bit of luck. Without a consistent program, it’s very unlikely that a brand would be seeing consistent growth at an ideal rate.

Instead of implementing a proven system, what some brands try to do is find a quick fix such as outsourcing their recruitment to another group. They take the whole department under their control, and when they’re done, they will have delivered x number of signings. The problem here is that you’re right back where you started with nowhere to go moving forward except to rehire an outside group. It’s neither economical or sustainable.

The smart franchisors know that, if they want to see some sort of equity event in the future, the foundation of their brand has to be strong. That foundation is the recruitment and on-boarding of new royalty-producing franchisees at a pace that can be accurately predicted year after year.

CGI Franchise’s Recruitment Operating System® (ROS®) could be the right fit for your organization to build a repeatable process for your franchise development team. Contact us for more information.