Why Do I Need a Franchise Development Process?

The Importance of Process

Whether we know it or not, our lives are often governed by process. Many of the processes we follow feel innate because we acquire them over time, much like we acquire our native language. And just like language, the processes we follow are key to many of our successes, big and small. It’s not a stretch to realize that processes aren’t only important for the individual, but businesses as well. Every successful business incorporates process into its day-to-day dealings, as well as its long-range planning, and in order to truly succeed, businesses need to be onto themselves-they must know the process they’re following and why.

This phenomenon especially shows its veracity in franchise growth. Franchises rely heavily on their brand, and to successfully develop that brand, every franchise needs a franchise development plan. Without one, you run the risk of recruiting candidates who won’t uphold the integrity of your franchise’s brand, which eventually will lead to disillusionment and frustration for other team members. Members of any business succeed when they believe in what they’re working towards; this is especially true of franchises. However, even with a good business model, franchise recruitment isn’t for the faint of heart. Without a good process, you may be discouraged and disheartened.

How a Franchise Development System Can Help You

In order to ensure your franchise isn’t stunted in its growth and recruitment, utilizing a franchise development process is paramount. The purpose of these processes is to bring awareness and install systems in the search for ideal candidates who will promote growth. A statistic all franchise companies should be aware of is that less than 5% of brands will reach 100 or more units. Less than 2% will make it to 200 units. Why is this? So many factors must be considered when developing a franchise, such as your operating system, marketing and development platform, and technology integration. A system for franchise development will help you in the consideration of all these points in order to ensure growth and success.

How to Establish Your Own Franchise Development Process

Even if you’re convinced by this point that a franchise development system is integral to your own franchise, you may still be asking, “How do I develop one for my franchise?” Luckily, we’ve got you covered. CGI Franchise has dedicated its time and resources to developing a sustainable and proven franchise development system. We have over 75 years of combined franchise development experience and can offer you the roadmap and solution to rediscover the passion for your brand.

CGIF has developed the Recruiting Operating System™. ROS® is a repeatable and sustainable system for franchise development made up of four essential pillars: lead generation, pre-discovery, discovery, and onboarding. This system was developed with years of data and success. Multiple brands have used CGIF to successfully rebuild their brand.

Shelly Frody, founder and CEO of City2Shore National Franchises implemented ROS® to bring structure to her business. She reported significant changes since using ROS® and stated that City2Shore is “more organized,” since using CGIF’s franchise development system. John Constantine, President and CEO of ARCpoint Labs, said, “The process has been a great implementation because it allows us to have steady, consistent leads coming in at a standard flow. And it has really provided the roadmap for our team to make sure they are hitting all the hot buttons for the candidates that we have coming in and managing them entirely through the process.”

CGIF has a proven franchise development system that works. In order to discover the system for yourself, make an appointment today.